In the past we have been actively shooting pictures of folks at the Heavenly Bodies dances and at our own private parties. We have added a new service. Its one we are very excited about. We are offering semi-professional photo shoots. The only reason we call it semiprofessional is that we are limiting it to only digital pictures and we do not have all of the props and elaborate backdrops that a professional studio might have. What we do offer is this:

  • Take as many pictures as we can in 30 minutes. That's typically 60-80 pictures
  • Provide professional lighting
  • Provide a multicolor ,black or white , professional looking backdrop (depending on the outfits you choose)
  • Provide large pillows that can be used for posing
  • Provide various accessories such as balloons, beach balls, lollipops
  • Deliver the pictures to you, on a floppy or CD, usually while you wait.
  • All for $35. If you want a whole hour its $65. That's a lot of pictures!

You can change outfits as many times as you want in that time but usually two changes in 30 minutes is best. We will often schedule sessions to coincide with a Heavenly Bodies dance so you can change in the bathroom in the guest room.

You can bring any props you want. Scarves, stuffed animals, sunglasses. Anything that you think will enhance your pictures.

Here are some examples of pictures we have done

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Pictures can be solo, couples, or groups.


If you have any questions, feel free to email us or IM LibraDK92963 when you see her online





If you are interested, please drop us an email at and we'll discuss it!